Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Helping with the issue of medical bankruptcy

I was invited to meet with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on 9/28. The Senator was holding a healthcare roundtable focused on the issue of medical bankruptcy--he is proposing legislation that would help make the bankruptcy process for families (due to medical crises) easier and less expensive, including a provision to help protect such families from losing their homes. It was a great experience, and I even got some press coverage!

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I received a call from the Senator's DC office today, inviting me to come to share my story/testify before the Judiciary Sub-Comittee. I was v. worried that because I started a new job on Monday I might not be able to go. But, I am pleased to say that my director is awesomely understanding about this opportunity, and I will be testifying on 10/20!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be 5 experts testifying, and then little old me. I was asked by the Senator's staff person if I was ok talking with the media (YES!) because there will likely be lots of press coverage and I may have a chance for my story to be covered in the national press! Wow!

Look out CSPAN, here I come!