How to request assistance

For those who wish to request assistance from Finnz Fundz, such requests can be made by email or by phone (401-527-1773).  There is not currently a form to be completed, but the following information is required:

  • Confirmation of CF diagnosis--this can be a letter from a care provider confirming diagnosis, or a copy of an insurance statement, doctor's office paperwork, or hospital discharge summary.  Many of those we have helped have either scanned these documents to email or taken pictures of the paperwork that they have then emailed to us.  Finnz Fundz does not retain any copies of medical paperwork; once diagnosis is confirmed, the information is not kept.  
  • Name and age of the person who has been diagnosed with CF.
  • Name and address of where to send a check, if assistance is available.  In general, we do not donate to gofundme or other fundraising type websites, as there are often large fees that are taken out of the money that is donated. We prefer that the largest amount of money possible go directly to those who need it.
  • If you have a specific amount you would like to request, this is helpful, but not required.  
  • If it is okay for us to use a picture of the person diagnosed with CF in future fundraising appeals and in signage at fundraising events and on our blog and facebook page, please send along a picture with your request!  (Permission to use photos does not impact any decision regarding financial assistance).
While we can not guarantee that we can meet every request, we do our best to try to help as much as possible.

Assistance is limited to once per calendar year per CF affected individual.

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