Thursday, September 10, 2009


As many people who will find their way to this blog know, we are planning to set up a foundation in Finnegan's name in order to help other families dealing with CF and long term (more than one month) hospital stays. We were very lucky to have the support of friends, family, foundations and even strangers during our 13 (!) month intensive care stay with Finn. We have already raised over $1000 thanks to generous donations--including our "Fin for Finn" $5 fundraising drive in honor of what would have been Finn's 5th brithday.

We hope to be able to obtain our non-profit tax id soon, or at least officially start the process. We have to clear some things up financially on our end first, as we don't want anything affecting the funds we have raised.

Once the tax ID is in place, we will start contacting large businesses (think CVS, Target, etc...) for in-kind donations of gift cards, that we can then distribute to families. We will also start planning some big events/fundraisers.

Thanks to all who have supported this endeavor thus far--it is greatly appreciated and all funds raised will be going directly to families. Any operational costs will be taken care of by us.

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