Friday, December 9, 2011

A Finn Story...

My mother told me this story today on the phone.  She said she'd hesitated to tell me about it previously, as she thought I'd be upset.  I WAS upset, but truly amazed by the story, and I think not ever hearing this story would have been MORE upsetting.  I asked her to PLEASE share such stories in the future.  And I gently reminded her that, on some level, I am ALWAYS hurt and upset at the loss of my amazing little guy.  Finn's spirit is ever present to many of us, and this story just illustrates how amazing these things can be if we are open to them.  This occured just before Thanksgiving 2011.

My mother babysits for a little girl named Grace, who is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.  I've heard she's got a wonderful personality and disposition to match.  Grace was sitting on my mother's lap on the my mom's couch.  Grace was paying keen attention to two pictures on my mom's tv stand.  These pictures were of Finn.  Grace was babbling quite excitedy at the pictures, saying "hi."  She was blowing kisses at the pictures.  (Finn used to blow kisses ALL the time, particularly those "sexy kisses" he became known for...)  Grace then turned my mom, put a hand on each of mom's cheeks, called her "mama" and gave her a kiss and hug.  Grace has never called my mom "mama" before.  Finn called my mom "mama".  It was like she was channeling Finn.  You can't make this stuff up...just amazing.

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