Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Hey everyone!  Finnz Fundz is participating in the first annual SantaCon Newport THIS SATURDAY!  If you are local, please consider coming and joining in the fun.  It's a stroll through Newport to spread merriment and help charities.  We're collecting canned goods at the start of the the walk for those who are in need, and will be raising some funds for Finnz Fundz along the way.  We'll be making stops at local establishments and having a great time!

A follow up--our friend Brian DID complete his marathon run (GO BRIAN!).  Through his kind efforts and donations from his supporters, $500 was raised for Finnz Fundz.  We are SO grateful for the support!

We did outreach about Finnz Fundz to all CF Care Centers and  Ronald McDonald houses in New England.  We are still waiting for families to contact us, but are excited about being able to help them once they do!  We'll do more concentrated outreach early next year, and will try to be a presence at some of the Great Strides walks (Cystic Fibrosis Center's biggest fundraiser of the year) to spread the word about our resource.

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  1. That's wonderful news!! Can't wait for Santa Con!!